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notahobby: (Default)
Who: Future Alpha Force and anyone who ends up drinking with them
Where: some bar, somewhere
When: backdated to the night after they arrive (August 3rd)
What: Alpha Force realizes that they have a few days before they have a dystopia-inducing event to prevent, so they elect to have some alcohol
Warnings: drinking, awfulness, etc

so i'm sorry but that's probably going to play multiple times in whatever crap bar they're in )
6th-Feb-2015 10:27 pm
metalivore: (Default)
Who: Sovereign, Iron Dragon, and Starbreaker
Where: Sovereign's headquarters dealie??
When: THE FUTURE like 2020 probably
What: A superhero wants to do some recon, and a supervillain wants to turn over a new leaf. Spoilers: It's not gonna end well for either of them.
Warnings: time travel crud but also, violence, murder, Gajeel's mouth

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6th-Feb-2015 01:38 pm - beneath the stains of time
hellacold: (FUTURE dead inside)
Who: jon and max(xie)
Where: "alpha force" headquarters
When: 2024
What: jon goes over the plans to save celestia with max and asks for a personal favor
Warnings: discussion of time travel (everyone hates time travel)

the feelings disappear )
capitalm: (Default)
Who: Anybody stepping out of the TIME HOLE into present-day LA, anybody who wants to witness this going down – or to intervene
Where: Downtown LA
When: August 2nd (now!)
What: A bunch of time travellers arrive in the present to try to fix their dystopian future. See here for more details!
Warnings: time travel. everyone hates time travel.

31st-Jan-2015 07:07 pm
10thingsihateaboutme: (sighe)
Who: The newly arrived Eridan Ampora, Karkat Vantas, and probably some CONDOR NPCs.
When: Probably now
What: CONDOR needs confirmation that Eridan isn't some kind of spy.
Warnings: awful troll teens, but even worse than usual because one of them is Eridan

who's this douchebag )
escapefromincarcecon: (Default)
Who: Myaxx and YOU; Myaxx and Newt
Where: Around L.A., also the hospital
When: now-ish??
What: Myaxx is looking for a MISSING HUMAN
Warnings: Myaxx is a sarcastic loser

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20th-Jan-2015 03:52 pm - [Closed]
ultramatum: (39)
Who: Ultra Magnus, Rotorstorm, and Rodimus
Where: Out in the desert
When: Today
What:Ultra Magnus leads a number of missions with some hot heads.
Warnings: An utter lack of humor

Starters Below (if you'd like a starter for your character give me a holler) )
15th-Jan-2015 05:11 pm - HELLA BACKDATED
hellacold: (welp)
Who: trailblazers
Where: hermosa beach
When: july 4th
What: jon organizes brunch and a beach outing for the fourth of july
Warnings: teenagers

hella patriotic )
28th-Dec-2014 08:09 pm
crimsoncruiser: (ROBOTS IN DISGUISE)
Who: Windblade AND YOU
Where: Anywhere around LA
When: NOW
What: Unicron's herald (kind of) tries to get a read on how likely Earthlings are to listen to people trying to tell them their world is next in line to be devoured by spherical robot Galactus
Warnings: none yet

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metalivore: (what)
Who: Gajeel and Rodimus and Rotorstorm
What: Time for a giant robot and a guy who eats metal to fight, and also for said guy who eats metal to argue with a CONDOR agent in his workplace. So in other words really bad life choices.
When: July 13
Where: SOMEWHERE IN LA and also some kind of all-purpose auto repair garage place, I dunno how this stuff works
Warnings: Violence, awful jerks who shouldn't be allowed near people, probably some second-hand embarrassment, the usual.

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